The Harold-2000 was a robotic copy of Harold Hutchins created by Wedgie Woman.


Wrath of the Wicked Wedgie WomanEdit

The Harold-2000 was created by Wedgie Woman to pose as Harold and defeat Captain Underpants, along with Robo-George. After hearing Captain Underpants go "Tra-La-Laaa!", it and Robo-George grow to gigantic size and spray the hero with Stray-Starch, which causes Captain Underpants to lose his powers due to the placebo effect. After hanging Captain Underpants on a pole, the robots return to Wedgie Woman and help her wreak havoc across the city.

After Captain Underpants regains its powers, the robots face him again. The Harold-2000 launches its arms at Captain Underpants, who uses it to destroy the two robots.


The Harold-2000 is a robotic copy of Harold Hutchins. After activating, it grew to gigantic size.